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Dr.Randy Workshops

Now touring internationally, Dr. Randy hosts a variety a seminars, information sessions, conventions, and small-business pet wellness awareness programs. Learn more below.

 Radio Pet Vet Show

Dr. Randy of Radio Pet Vet  is now accepting proposals for broadcasting of radio pet vet show, and other events in your city! Contact today to book the show.


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Radio Pet Vet

Every week, Dr. Randy shares information and answers to questions about animal wellness and other topics. Dr. Randy is usually joined by Paul Blaushild, an expert in animal behavior and training. Radio Pet Vet hosts and other experts share valuable knowledge on medical, physical, and behavioral topics. The show is packed with different topics, and plenty of humor. Dr. Randy operates a successful practice with over 30 years’ experience helping and healing animals. He’s knowledgeable in acupuncture, e-stim, laser therapy, nutritional counseling, vitamins, supplements, rehabilitation medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

Supplements & Animal Wellness

It’s no joke. Hank Liers, PhD and Dr. Randy David Aronson are serious about pet wellness. Dr. Hank Liers is P.A.W.S. Supplements’ top-notch supplement designer who has invested years designing supplements and superfoods for Health Products Distributors, Inc. He leverages his technical expertise, right down to the molecules, in designing human-grade nutritional supplements for animals. Dr. Randy Aronson is a successful practicing veterinarian, nationally requested speaker, and respected advocate for pet and human wellness. Together, Hank and Randy are passionate about helping you create pet health for your pets.

P.A.W.S. Veterianarian Center

PAWS Veterinary Center is Southern Arizona’s destination for companion animal healing and wellness. Integrative veterinary care unifies the science of conventional medicine with the benefits of complementary therapies to create health, promoting wellness, longevity and quality of life for your best friend. The PAWS Veterinary Center team displays an unrivaled commitment to our clients through continuing education, technological advances in veterinary medicine and service, and most importantly, administering compassionate care to all pets entrusted to us.

Upcoming Events

March  2015
Events on March 31, 2015
  • Woofs with Roofs fund raising event
    Starts: 1:30 pm
    Ends: March 31, 2015 - 2:30 pm